Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Disney 2009-2011

Disney Jane
Even though I did a post yesterday, I thought I would do one about my hamster, Disney, that passed away on Saturday.  I got Disney the summer after grade 6.  She was very cute.  Disney got older, but was still healthy and loved running on her wheel.  Then approximately one month ago Disney lost one of her eyes.  Gross, I know, but I still loved her.  All of a sudden, just 3 days ago, she passed away.  When I went to check on her she was just laying down, not moving.  I took her out and she was dead.  I really miss her.  She was part of the family.  But one thing that her sister Nibbles (my little sisters hamster) did was  bury her in their cage, she also will miss her.  So, Disney will be missed but now rests in peace.   


  1. So sorry about Disney. I know how sad it is to lose a furry member of the family. Rest in peace, Disney.

  2. Il est très mignon. Moi j'ai un cochon d'inde